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Thread: 2018 National Signing Day event

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    Iím waiting for the season when there are no variables. Thatíll be the day.

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    We should be united in our uncertainty, not divided over fabricated certainty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by textodd View Post
    Every one of these things falls under the head coach's responsibility. I just can't give the guy who's job it is to put all of this in order, a pass. I'm the Director of my department. People will give me a short pass if something extraordinary happens that takes our systems down... but it's short because I should have plans in place to account for all possibilities. I've got a 99.5% up-time guarantee that I have to meet. So if disaster does happen, I have to make it right VERY quickly or I'm out of a job because well... that's my job. By the same token, FW is supposed to make sure that all of theses things are covered, including contingencies and account for all variables. It's his program and his "up-time" is measured in wins and losses. That's why he gets paid the big bucks.
    Appears from reading this, there’s an insinuation that Frank Wilson is not doing anything or has no plan. One thing I have noticed is how F. Wilson and now possibly the athletic department plays things close to the vest. This has been his M.O. since he first arrived. I will agree it’s up to F. Wilson to ensure these things are covered but while I have questions, and I’m sure others do, just because information is not out now does not indicate there is no plan.

    You spoke of you having “plans in place” but its unlikely majority of those “plans” just fall from the sky. I’m certain majority of those plans have been designed/built, tested, modified, tested again and, if tests are successful, then placed or ready to be placed in practice. And I’m also fairly certain, from my experience, that prior to the general release of a “plan”, only few within the test phase are aware the details.

    I don’t think it’s any different with UTSA football currently.

    Unlike a system going down, unexpectedly I believe, the current roster situation has been known for some time and may have been a factor in the firing of Sceflo, to what degree, who knows. Currently, I’m seeing things are the in the design phase, new offense, new OC. Everything is being gathered to be put in place and see what will work.

    So that's why I am slightly perplexed. None of the things that come under his authority or the variables thereof should really matter for the very reason that they're under his authority. So saying the things you said above kinda sounds like you're giving him a total pass.

    I'm just not willing to do that. I was willing in years 1 & to some extent year 2, but now it's time to prove something.
    It may be that I’m giving him a pass but for me to make blanket statement such as “anything less than 6-6 and this program is in disarray” right now, I can’t do that. The season hasn’t been played yet. You said this is a “results-based business” and I prefer to let this play out and see what results occur on the field.


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