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    Quote Originally Posted by Cory93 View Post
    Now THAT is a solid piece of info... That's the kind of connection to FW I would expect to see out of the next hire.

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    I don't think Johnson has the credentials or experience to take over as OC for the Roadrunners. I doubt if Dr. Campos or Coach Wilson will take a risk on an unproven OC. A mistake at this stage of their careers would put a dent in their rapid rise to stardom.

    If they get someone like Tim Cramsey and he fails? Also a dent in their careers, but the risk is so much lower that this would happen. (Except if they restricted the offense he wants to run...Montana State did this in his first year as their OC and he had a so-so year.)

    As to Johnson and FW following each other on Facebook? They're friends ... coached on the same team in high school.

    Then there's this: I don't have a clue who they'll hire! We went through this prior to the head coach hire. No one picked Frank Wilson!

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