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Thread: UIW - Red McCombs wants Art Briles as the coach

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    Quote Originally Posted by runner-man View Post
    Is it a crime to sit on the report for 10 days, or to ignore it altogether and sweep it under the rug? I would say definitely the latter.

    Having said that, what happened at Baylor was horrible, no matter how you slice it. Art Briles has a daughter, so I can't imagine he would condone such atrocities.

    Who the heck knows. Yet another dark chapter in the history of collegiate athletics.
    Morally yes. Legally I don't know if it qualifies as impeding an investigation.

    People that allow these types of things to happen live in different worlds and think differently than the average person. Distortion of reality, self-justification replacing common sense, and the resulting way of thinking happens slowly sometimes. Your imagination may greatly differ from his actions if you look at it this way.

    It is difficult to compare the imagination of a person with a moral background, to the actions of someone who has lost morality. I honestly thought I could do it, then I worked at the DA office. The stuff some people do to others was incomprehensible to me. How they do it can be through inaction, by being the person that does the harm, or anywhere in between. No matter your role in it, it's wrong.
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