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    Default User ignore list

    After receiving feedback, below is a quick “how to” for a feature available here on RT:

    What is the ignore list?

    This is a list of users you wish to ignore. To add a user to your ignore list, go to your User CP and in the left Nav Panel under Miscellaneous, select [Buddy / Ignore Lists], type the username you wish to ignore in the Ignore List blank and click [Update Ignore List]

    Posts from users that you are ignoring are hidden from view when logged into the forums.

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    Unless something has changed recently, all this does is replaces that user's posts with a message saying something like "You've chosen to ignore this users posts". So rather than weeding through 15 messages from the same person, you just have to scroll past that 15 times. And it also doesn't block their post when someone else quotes it (which is a good thing sometimes, bad other times). Not saying the Ignore List isn't useful, but it seems our favorite troll already knows how to make it less effective.

    So it looks something like this:
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