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Thread: Outsiders prospective

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    What I hate about it is they are trying to make and enforce rules that nice parks use. Such as no outside food brought in, and the newest rule no dogs. The problem with that is all they sell are old hotdogs and packaged snacks. Get some real food and people won't have a problem with no outside food. People have been bringing their dogs to the game for years and there has never been an issue. Hell even MLB has a bring your dog to the park day.

    Quote Originally Posted by forerunner View Post
    Thanks for your input. We're getting there, slowly but surely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SanAntoneviaIndiana View Post
    I have no ties with the University of Texas at San Antonio. With that being said, I love college baseball. So on Sunday I got to choose between going to UT to watch them play Stanford or go watch UTSA play McNeese State. I decided to go watch UT and Stanford.

    If UTSA had a much nicer facility, I think that might have changed my decision to go watch UTSA. Why pay $7 to watch a game at Roadrunner Field if I can pay $8 and watch a game at a minor league stadium atmosphere in Austin.

    Just letting you know, there are ppl out there that won't attend a UTSA game because of that sad excuse of a major Division 1 baseball facility.

    Better get it figured out quick!
    Yesterday, my 11 and 14 year olds were watching Stanford blowout UT on the LHN when I walked into the room and updated them on the UTSA game. Their comments about both games were similar to yours. Then a comparison between the Round Rock Express and SA Missions followed. Which lead into the MLB big weekend in the Alamodome vs the previous Ranger exhibition game in Round Rock.

    Yeah, overall the baseball venues in San Antonio are terrible.
    Busy playing Cyberball at the Roost.

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    Are people here seriously trying to compare UTSA baseball and its facilities to a UT program that has 6 National Championships, 6 more Championship appearances, and has been in the College World Series 35 freaking times? Please... for God's sake get some perspective. I'm not saying we don't need to upgrade facilities, but to come in here and make that comparison as the reason you didn't go to the UTSA game is absolutely insane. All I can say is that if that is the reasoning, you better get used to the I-35 traffic.
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    Whoops. From the title, I thought this was a thread about an IPO on a company called Outsiders.


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