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Thread: Pro Wrestling is Dead

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    Default Pro Wrestling is Dead

    last monday, the recent episode of WWE Raw suffered one of it lowest TV rating since the days of the Monday Night Wars(WWE vs WCW).

    its not only competition with the Star Wars trailer and baseball that got in the way. its everything that wrestling is right now. it just aint what it used to be anymore.

    Daniel Bryan may not return to wrestle ever, fans are still booing John Cena(despite his charitable work off the ring), interests in Hulkamania is a a all time low, Jimmy Snuka on the verge of going to jail for a murder he committed....... 30 years ago.

    remember the days before Hulkamania? the feud between Jerry Lawler and Andy Kaufmann, The Von Erichs becoming the hottest young stars in wrestling, When Nature boy was truly the Man, Snuka jumping from atop the cage.

    all i can say is this....... Wrestling is no more(even if the merger between TNA and Global Force succeeds), there will never be a another Stone Cold or a Rock or HitMan, or even another Nature Boy. Vince destroyed it, and nothing that can be done about it. PERIOD

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    From what I remember reading a number of years ago, WWE started to decline as the UFC started to rise in popularity. UFC gutted the WWE's pay per view sales by pulling in their key demographic. Why bother to watch fake fighting when you can watch the real thing? The only thing WWE offered was a storyline to go with their show. Which was something I liked as a kid but not as an adult.
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