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New 21-02, 23:26
Women's Hockey update Gold Medal game; Canada 2-1 USA 2nd period 5m
New 14-02, 23:02
Womens hockey update: USA 1-2 Canada 3rd 11m
New 02-01, 07:12
Cool. Let us know how it goes.
New 17-12, 14:37
I just signed up to volunteer to work the final four. Here's the link if you're interested https://finalfour.sanantoniosports.org/. PM me if you want to coordinate our times.
New 23-11, 12:26
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. Drink. Get fat. Stay safe.
New 22-11, 14:26
I'm sure CAL would have his son answer and tell me to pound sand.
New 21-11, 17:28
I'd call the RT hotline or call CAL directly on his home line around 12:30 am
New 21-11, 15:08
We should update the last 2 weeks....for the final scores
New 14-11, 14:51
For one of us it will be win #6....big game
New 14-11, 13:29
Surprised ESPN didnt make it at 11:00am just to get it over with....
New 14-11, 13:00
Tech Game is 6:30 and on ESPN the ocho
New 25-10, 08:09
Lost $125 on the hotel. Should have gotten insurance.
New 25-10, 08:09
I didn't fix anything.
New 24-10, 17:10
Thanks for fixing Para. I was halfway to Houston when I finally noticed.
New 23-10, 09:45
I notice now.
New 22-10, 11:39
Anyone else notice that it says on the posted schedule on here that our game was @ Rice? Maybe we need to fix that when we put the score in there.
New 20-10, 14:45
I am. Taking my family.
New 20-10, 12:43
anyone going to the UTSA BestFest today on the main campus?
New 20-10, 09:39
New 19-10, 23:29
Don't forget about the basketball team meet & greet at the HEB Plaza, at the Alamodome, this Saturday at 3!
New 14-10, 18:14
Need a link
New 14-10, 18:14
Anyone watching online?
New 10-10, 13:36
Be on the lookout for game lines, point totals and prop bets coming tomorrow morning to vBookie.
New 07-10, 10:56
UTSA Flag flying on ESPN game day!! Nice!!
New 30-09, 00:10
I need to watch tv. DVR is reaching capacity. Football season.
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