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New 25-08, 13:15
Dang. Fixed already.
New 25-08, 13:14
Thanks, I'll let CAL know.
New 25-08, 09:42
yeah I think the game is on the 15, not 16th
New 24-08, 13:44
Schedule on main page has wrong date for Rice game
New 23-08, 05:27
New 21-08, 19:24
New 13-08, 11:07
I'm with you there. We need to write his editor to keep the stories coming.
New 12-08, 07:17
New 11-08, 20:27
I'm liking all the UTSA football coverage from Tim Griffin at the SAEN. It seems like we're getting 2-3 stories/player interviews everyday.
New 27-07, 12:06
New 26-07, 09:26
Football season tickets have been mailed!!!
New 24-07, 13:22
I saw a Roadrunner spread its wings and glide across the road this morning. Hopefully a sign of things to come.
New 23-07, 15:18
Who's ready for the offseason to be over? I know I am. When does fall practice start?
New 22-07, 07:56
Good question. I'll mention it to CAL.
New 20-07, 08:53
when will we see the football schedule for this year!?! looking at last year's results is depressing!!!
New 06-07, 12:09
Thanks RC. You too.
New 19-06, 12:39
Happy Father's Day to all the Dads here on RT. Can't wait for the season to start.
New 09-06, 23:41
RIP Coach Thompson
New 27-05, 10:13
Yeah, but it has seemed like much longer (lol). It got to where I pretty much expected them to get no further than the 2nd round.
New 27-05, 09:06
Volk, congrats on the Pens making the finals but it's only been 7 years since they've been there.
New 26-05, 21:06
The Pens are finally back in the NHL Finals!
New 25-05, 09:01
New 25-05, 09:00
Ready for FB season already y'all.
New 24-05, 08:37
New 20-05, 15:19
Just got notice and confirmed that my Lot C passes were allocated. Keep an eye out.
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