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New 14-12, 21:55
I heard we're going to a bowl game. That's cool.
New 07-12, 13:50
Here's the link to the AD & coaches press conference for the Gildan Bowl (https://livestream.com/newmexico/events/6730771). Good stuff
New 07-12, 11:52
Hey Guyz, I have a few seats left on our all inclusive charter to Albuquerque for the bowl game. Our bus trip includes round trip bus, transportation to and from the game and Hilton Uptown hotel accommodations. If interested, gimme a call at 210-465-6384.
New 07-12, 08:44
I have an extra ticket. Just need a ride!!
New 07-12, 08:44
I need a ride to NM Bowl.
New 06-12, 14:41
Or contact UTSA they have some info on other potential transportation options.
New 06-12, 14:41
Might not be any seats lift. DM MattyV. Info in this thread: http://www.rowdytalk.com/showthread....-in-New-Mexico
New 06-12, 14:29
Is there a bus trip to the bowl game somewhere?
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New 29-11, 12:01
New 29-11, 08:35
hello everyone
New 27-11, 16:58
last night is declared the happiest night of my life
New 26-11, 13:34
New 26-11, 12:59
I have a free lot c parking pass for today. You can pick up at sunset station. PM me
New 24-11, 06:47
Thankful for UTSA Football!!!
New 17-11, 14:42
I have 8 tickets to the A&M game. A family emergency is preventing us from making the trip. They are $64/ea - what we paid. I purchased them throught the season ticket holder lottery. DM me if intereted.
New 17-11, 11:24
Have 1 extra A&M game ticket I'm looking to sell. DM me if interested.
New 15-11, 11:02
Spam Bots.
New 15-11, 07:57
Facebook page hack? What with the cheap kitchen for sale?????
New 14-11, 08:39
A&M game tickets: Got 3 I can't use pass on at my cost of $64.00 ea
New 12-11, 18:18
Yep, that was embarrassing!
New 12-11, 15:42
Anybody here watching this during the LATech beatdown?
New 12-11, 15:42
New 11-11, 12:44
Thank you to all of our veterans for your service and sacrifice.
New 09-11, 01:15
Beat it Hillary!!!
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