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New 06-09, 15:02
There's at least 200 of us in sec 122.
New 06-09, 10:41
I'm getting my TxSt tickets. Where is everybody sitting?
New 05-09, 15:23
New 05-09, 10:39
y'all get your TxSt tickets yet?
New 04-09, 22:13
Anybody tailgating @ Baylor? If so Alumni tailgate or setting up, what lot? Ferrell Center seems like on campus area!
New 04-09, 00:43
The more you guys call for coaches to be fired, the less likely we'll be able to keep ours next season. Just sayin'.
New 03-09, 21:34
Texas College football is a dumpster fire right now!!! lets hope we don't add fuel to the fire next week! Fire Sumlin tonight!
New 02-09, 09:15
Good Morning! Might have 2 extra tickets 4 sale for next Weekend game at Baylor lower level 131 $45 total for 2 tickets!
New 31-08, 09:44
Dumb thing to say given the circumstances.
New 30-08, 23:50
UH scared
New 29-08, 18:38
Yeah, canceling that game was the right move.
New 29-08, 16:44
Wait one more week Rowdy's Castle. Just one more week.
New 26-08, 19:18
It just sunk in that the season opener is a week away. The best part of the year is here. Can't wait. Go Runners!
New 23-08, 12:21
willing to buy some parking passes, or if anyone has any tips on tailgating outside the alamodome lots please pass along...
New 23-08, 06:53
I'll keep a lookout for some.
New 23-08, 06:51
I'm looking for parking passes, preferably Lot C, for the UH vs. UTSA game. PM me if you have any available.
New 23-08, 05:58
New 22-08, 13:07
That negates every picture I own!!
New 21-08, 10:44
New 19-08, 09:19
New 18-08, 07:42
It has filters to block German Porn. You'll have to try another site.
New 17-08, 13:32
Looks like posting pictures from computer is having issues. Works fine using Tapatalk
New 10-08, 12:21
reply with quote was broken...should work now
New 09-08, 12:59
Is it me or is the site still slow? When I try to reply with quote, it takes forever.
New 05-08, 10:13
UTSA's Kerry Thomas to be on Wally's radio show on 760 AM next segment
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