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New 02-03, 11:38
Damn right Marine.
New 02-03, 09:06
New 02-03, 03:01
Texas Independence Day!
New 29-02, 19:47
Check, rog, holding the fort down
New 29-02, 19:04
I'm out...hold down the fort...don't let them blow this.
New 29-02, 18:52
38-25, UTSA, halftime
New 29-02, 18:47
Looking mo' better now.
New 29-02, 18:47
...we were stinking it up.
New 29-02, 18:47
I was getting pissed at the beginner of the game...
New 29-02, 18:36
I know
New 29-02, 18:06
A lot of fanfare for a team in last place.
New 29-02, 18:02
Pretty weak crowd at UCA.
New 29-02, 09:05
Rowdy Crew will be tailgating this coming game
New 27-02, 22:44
I was there at that tailgate. Usually the Inside Runner Sports staff host tailgates at basketball games on occasion but there was only one of them there manning it (along with other people)
New 26-02, 15:28
I wouldn't have even guessed you could do that in the parking lot.
New 26-02, 10:45
Nice, If only others would have the same idea...
New 26-02, 10:44
Me, Runner25, UTSAMarineVet, and UTSAParatrooper were all there at one time or another.
New 26-02, 10:41
I saw some people tailgaitin' it up yesterday before the game. I think i recognized the flags. Any of that y'all? I pulled up in my truck and someone complemented my UTSA declals
New 26-02, 10:36
New 26-02, 10:30
I still get chills watching the inaugural game highlights on youtube...
New 25-02, 23:27
A beer
New 25-02, 11:53
I dont have any vcash!
New 25-02, 09:39
New bookie event is up for today's game
New 25-02, 08:29
Wooo!! and I woke up naked lol
New 25-02, 03:58
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