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New 05-03, 16:11
well he said that he was also a security officer working here at the apartments
New 05-03, 16:09
that's odd
New 05-03, 16:09
a police officer wouldn't be wearing a security jacket.
New 05-03, 16:06
then we went down stairs and starting talking
New 05-03, 16:05
I told him that he didnt havet he right to be there, that he wasnt a cop, then he removed his jacket and showed me his badge
New 05-03, 16:05
he detained me because he said that I was being "combatant" with him. He came up to my apartment wearing a security jacket and he identified himself as a security guard
New 05-03, 16:04
New 05-03, 15:57
Only detained? He must not have been doing his job
New 05-03, 15:48
Cal! I got detained this saturday, I need to get your number so I can call you lol
New 04-03, 12:48
UTSA vs McNeese is up in the Sports Book
New 03-03, 22:37
New 03-03, 22:35
New 03-03, 22:18
lol Not a problem.
New 03-03, 22:11
haha no beers for you fuckers, UTSA went 3-1!!!! lol
New 03-03, 21:22
New 03-03, 13:37
I'm fucking with some shit so you may see some weird stuff on the site today.
New 02-03, 12:38
Damn right Marine.
New 02-03, 10:06
New 02-03, 04:01
Texas Independence Day!
New 29-02, 20:47
Check, rog, holding the fort down
New 29-02, 20:04
I'm out...hold down the fort...don't let them blow this.
New 29-02, 19:52
38-25, UTSA, halftime
New 29-02, 19:47
Looking mo' better now.
New 29-02, 19:47
...we were stinking it up.
New 29-02, 19:47
I was getting pissed at the beginner of the game...
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