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New 27-08, 12:38
looking like DirecTV and the Pac12 Network will get done by Sept. 3rd
New 27-08, 12:38
One week to go!
New 27-08, 07:08
Der letzte Tag wird eine lange.
New 27-08, 05:55
Eine Woche!
New 07-07, 15:42
Thanks. You too.
New 04-07, 13:06
Happy 4th to all my friends here on RowdyTalk.
New 24-06, 14:13
If you're in Houston, there's an alumni association event at Concert Pub & Grill in the Galleria tonight
New 16-06, 19:55
USA wins 1-0
New 16-06, 18:59
New 04-06, 09:25
90 days to go!
New 02-06, 11:00
I remember that guy. He was pretty cool. 'Wonder what ever happend to him?
New 28-05, 11:36
I think we're going to have to issue an Amber Alert for Digi
New 13-05, 06:44
Thanks stranger.
New 11-05, 09:27
FYI-Just got off the phone with Ticket Office on Parking Passes. Should be sending out notices next week so keep an eye out!!
New 06-05, 11:05
Not for me...but I'll ask around.
New 04-05, 10:13
Anybody interested in purchasing a Siberian Husky? I have 2, a male & female both about 15 months old. Message me if you'd like more info.
New 25-04, 21:34
The only thing I don't like about the Fiesta Flambeau is when you hear the same song played by 3 different bands.
New 24-04, 22:16
Nice win Spurs! Seeing King Rey Feo made me home sick for fiesta! how was oyster bake!?
New 14-04, 21:05
ESiPN has also had their noses up the Longhorns asses for along time too! Hello Longhorn Network!
New 12-04, 12:03
Well as you know Vokmar ESPN has never been a big fan of the Spurs they are the SEC and and Labron network so the Spurs are mostly ignored, However they seem to have fallen in love with the Warriors this year guess its time for the Spurs to crush them!!
New 11-04, 07:01
How does Duncan's game-saving block on Harden in the final moment of the game not even make ESPN's Top Ten Plays of the Day?
New 06-04, 21:36
Hell yes, Go Duke, One Shinning Moment!!!!!!
New 05-04, 19:19
New 24-03, 21:16
Airplane crash, softball loses two heartbreakers, baseball gets thoroughly embarrassed, and the Spurs lose to the Mavs. Today sucked!!
New 17-03, 05:08
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