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New 26-10, 08:16
Go RUnners!
New 26-10, 08:16
UTSA 1, BYE WEEK 0...... Finally get the win
New 24-10, 14:26
I doubt it will help.
New 24-10, 13:37
I'm actually pulling for UNT against Marshall.
New 23-10, 13:44
New 23-10, 11:57
Viewer discretion is always advised
New 23-10, 09:51
New 23-10, 06:41
Around the old Victrola. We'll be on after Little Orphan Annie.
New 23-10, 06:08
Yeah...I'm going to gather the family around the podcast and we're going to listen.
New 22-10, 17:58
After that last 3 games will this be family listening CAL?
New 22-10, 16:56
I was about to ask what happened to the podcast. lol
New 22-10, 11:41
Next episode of RowdyTalk coming next week.
New 20-10, 08:17
Just kidding. No one misses that.
New 20-10, 08:17
I miss bubble screens
New 20-10, 08:14
I miss winning
New 19-10, 13:30
i miss marshall
New 18-10, 09:25
Waking up this morning didn't make the nightmare end. : (
New 17-10, 20:52
I sent an email to Coach M. I explained my family's continued support for the team, but the O line play was embarassing and a danger to the QB. Disgust is as nice as I can put it.
New 17-10, 20:06
The offensive line should feel embarrased. The quarterback needs more than two seconds of protection to be effective.
New 17-10, 20:03
UTSA is not expected to win any games when only the defensive team is playing well. Strum has definitly earned the starting quarterback position when he gets up bleeding from his throwing arm. How many times can the defensive team get a turnover only to not get any points from the offense?
New 17-10, 19:16
Disappointed this evening! Went to Hanger to watch game with fellow roadrunners. I was the only fan in Orange. Finally saw one come in as the 1st Qtr was ending! Barmaids would not put game on big screens! Only two small TV screens were showing the game!
New 17-10, 18:31
WTF. Run the clock out and restart at thte half.
New 17-10, 07:34
UTSA GAME DAY on now (8:30 - 9:00 am Sat) on CH.5 (KENS TV)
New 15-10, 09:09
Nate Gaines is out for the year with injury...Fuuuuuuuu
New 12-10, 09:03
Bogie still not cleared to play
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