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New 04-09, 00:43
The more you guys call for coaches to be fired, the less likely we'll be able to keep ours next season. Just sayin'.
New 31-08, 09:44
Dumb thing to say given the circumstances.
New 19-08, 09:19
New 25-03, 13:46
Man, why are we getting our asses kicked by ODU on our own Roadrunner Field for the 2nd consecutive game? :(
New 27-12, 10:51
Fuck it, I'm going for the Army.
New 27-12, 09:57
I don't know whether to go for Army or UNT today.
New 23-10, 09:15
We need to update the pathetic results of these last two weeks on our schedule here, guys.
New 18-09, 18:11
Grambling State beat Alabama State 34-10 to send them to 0-3.
New 18-09, 13:31
UTSA is so awesome that we're gonna run the table in C-USA this year.
New 31-08, 05:12
Thanks for the reminder.
New 28-08, 13:44
Morgan has a nice reception for a big first down. They're interviewing; no mention. Morgan gets another short reception for a first down. They're finishing up another damn interview; no mention. Doing a great job of blocking also, but no mention.
New 27-05, 10:13
Yeah, but it has seemed like much longer (lol). It got to where I pretty much expected them to get no further than the 2nd round.
New 26-05, 21:06
The Pens are finally back in the NHL Finals!
New 24-04, 12:22
Not feelin' the RowdyTicketTakeover campaign. Smacks too much of UH's Houston Takeover. We can do better than to just go around stealing others' slogans.
New 21-03, 18:06
Yeah that was INSANE!! But even though I was pulling for the Aggies, if that guy on NIU doesn't hurt his knee, it never even goes to OT. They were fortunate.
New 20-03, 15:47
Once we stop choking in every damn big ball game we play, people might finally start noticing us.
New 09-02, 22:02
New 01-02, 05:40
There are an average of 17 posts in an average RT thread.
New 22-01, 01:22
We've now reached the 11K mark.
New 30-12, 22:22
That's what she said.
New 12-12, 16:50
Damn, Army. Just damn. Really should've won this time, but the streak continues. Congrats to Navy though.
New 10-12, 20:19
New 24-10, 13:37
I'm actually pulling for UNT against Marshall.
New 22-10, 16:56
I was about to ask what happened to the podcast. lol
New 18-10, 09:25
Waking up this morning didn't make the nightmare end. : (
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