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New 08-09, 14:57
The chat does come through on the mobile app for the site.
New 08-09, 14:57
You might want to post ticket sales in this forum:
New 29-08, 17:44
Wait one more week Rowdy's Castle. Just one more week.
New 26-01, 11:49
New 02-01, 16:20
Happy new year
New 20-10, 09:17
Just kidding. No one misses that.
New 20-10, 09:17
I miss bubble screens
New 10-09, 11:41
The Dirtybird is back. Now I can let most sarcastic and vile insults fly. Not only will offend, but I'll have backup.
New 02-09, 17:23
So ready.
New 26-09, 11:12
happy brithday mac
New 01-03, 09:18
Sounds good aram.
New 28-02, 16:15
If you make it aram, I've got your flags.
New 27-02, 14:17
Reminder, come out to the game if you ordered a flag to be picked up. 7p tipoff tonight:
New 26-02, 07:58
New 26-02, 07:58
The North Texas Basketball game is at 7:00p on Thursday night (2/27). I'll be out there as soon as I can be for everyone to come pick up their flag. I should be there around 6.
New 05-02, 15:02
I look at the countdown and see 200 days. Can't get here fast enough.
New 26-11, 17:56
New 25-11, 06:29
I've got it on DVR, going to watch that it tonight. Didn't get a chance yesterday but that's effing awesome!
New 22-11, 21:27
I'll drink one or six for ya buddy.
New 22-11, 21:19
damn guys sorry to hear that.
New 29-10, 09:04
I know I do.
New 24-10, 14:40
Now 30%...
New 30-09, 16:47
Happy birthday Bozar.
New 26-09, 18:49
Happy Birthday buddy!
New 18-09, 15:12
Me either.
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