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New 01-01, 00:39
New 01-01, 00:39
Happy New Year Mother Fuckers!! Go Bless Roadrunner Football!!
New 25-12, 12:06
Merry Christmas to all the folks here on Rowdytalk. I hope you're all enjoying a great day with family and friends.
New 07-12, 13:50
Here's the link to the AD & coaches press conference for the Gildan Bowl ( Good stuff
New 18-09, 14:41
Dude, you need to eat a snickers bar.
New 03-09, 04:08
Happy game day everyone. It's nice to open the season at home.
New 30-08, 20:43
Coach Wilson radio show this Wednesday (8/31) at 7 pm on Ticket 760
New 11-08, 20:27
I'm liking all the UTSA football coverage from Tim Griffin at the SAEN. It seems like we're getting 2-3 stories/player interviews everyday.
New 24-07, 13:22
I saw a Roadrunner spread its wings and glide across the road this morning. Hopefully a sign of things to come.
New 23-07, 15:18
Who's ready for the offseason to be over? I know I am. When does fall practice start?
New 19-06, 12:39
Happy Father's Day to all the Dads here on RT. Can't wait for the season to start.
New 27-05, 09:06
Volk, congrats on the Pens making the finals but it's only been 7 years since they've been there.
New 20-01, 13:36
We might have our first 10K users online day on RT. It would be great if some of the lurkers would join the fun.
New 11-11, 08:36
Happy Veterans Day to all the active and retired military personnel here on RT.
New 02-11, 18:33
CAL, you're taking this pretty hard. Focus on the tailgating, you can't go wrong there.
New 24-10, 14:26
I doubt it will help.
New 10-09, 13:23
Welcome back El Dirtybird. I was looking forward to your return. Glad to hear that you're in a better place.
New 04-07, 13:06
Happy 4th to all my friends here on RowdyTalk.
New 26-01, 20:53
Why? Parler was their best player for most of last year.
New 21-01, 07:02
As a Bills fan, it's been very deflating watching my team play the Patriots during the Brady/Belichik era
New 27-09, 16:51
Except for that flea-flicker and missed tackle, I thought the D has looked pretty good.
New 27-09, 14:45
HEB. The cheapest I've seen it is at Target.
New 27-09, 14:26
Start with a 750 ml Fin Du Monde and finish it off with 4 16oz. dos equis