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New 23-08, 13:21
willing to buy some parking passes, or if anyone has any tips on tailgating outside the alamodome lots please pass along...
New 23-08, 07:53
I'll keep a lookout for some.
New 23-08, 07:51
I'm looking for parking passes, preferably Lot C, for the UH vs. UTSA game. PM me if you have any available.
New 23-08, 06:58
New 22-08, 14:07
That negates every picture I own!!
New 21-08, 11:44
New 19-08, 10:19
New 18-08, 08:42
It has filters to block German Porn. You'll have to try another site.
New 17-08, 14:32
Looks like posting pictures from computer is having issues. Works fine using Tapatalk
New 10-08, 13:21
reply with quote was broken...should work now
New 09-08, 13:59
Is it me or is the site still slow? When I try to reply with quote, it takes forever.
New 05-08, 11:13
UTSA's Kerry Thomas to be on Wally's radio show on 760 AM next segment
New 29-07, 21:14
Someone has some 'splainin to do.
New 29-07, 15:08
'Bout time.
New 29-07, 15:00
YES, GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New 29-07, 11:37
Hell yeah
New 29-07, 11:18
We're back, bitches.
New 09-07, 12:38
New 31-05, 09:53
I have mine.
New 30-05, 13:46
Parking Passes should have been allocated!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
New 25-03, 14:46
Man, why are we getting our asses kicked by ODU on our own Roadrunner Field for the 2nd consecutive game? :(
New 16-02, 07:19
No details yet.
New 14-02, 19:12
Anyone hear about Dr. Romo? I wonder what's going on.
New 01-02, 12:20
New 31-01, 20:43
Best of Luck Coach Frank Wilson! I have faith you will bat it out of the park tomorrow!
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