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New 13-11, 10:44
Thanks RC
New 12-11, 09:32
thanks bro
New 11-11, 09:36
Happy Veterans Day to all the active and retired military personnel here on RT.
New 08-11, 00:21
We need up to date athletic facilities first, finish Park West first before an on campus football stadium.
New 07-11, 09:09
KSAT News report #2; In my opinion, UTSA cannot afford a stadium because we dont have a strong fan base yet. We need a good 3-5 years more of Roadrunner football to get an average 40,000 attendance to pay for a stadium.
New 07-11, 09:04
For the second time this week, KSAT news reports a Doom and Gloom situation for the AlamoDome. They purposely leave out the fact that the roadrunners play their there! Can someone bring me up to speed on a UTSA stadium. I am perfectly happy with us playi
New 05-11, 06:26
I remember the good 'ol days when you could read some quality nasty jokes on bathroom stalls.
New 04-11, 11:25
i read that in a bathroom stall once
New 04-11, 11:25
you need the lows to appreciate the highs.
New 02-11, 19:33
CAL, you're taking this pretty hard. Focus on the tailgating, you can't go wrong there.
New 02-11, 16:22
So numb
New 31-10, 23:15
Worst Halloween Ever
New 31-10, 22:38
So So So Bad!! going to be a long week....
New 27-10, 11:31
UTSA Alumni can welcome the team in the tunnel for Homecoming...check the thread
New 26-10, 09:16
Go RUnners!
New 26-10, 09:16
UTSA 1, BYE WEEK 0...... Finally get the win
New 24-10, 15:26
I doubt it will help.
New 24-10, 14:37
I'm actually pulling for UNT against Marshall.
New 23-10, 14:44
New 23-10, 12:57
Viewer discretion is always advised
New 23-10, 10:51
New 23-10, 07:41
Around the old Victrola. We'll be on after Little Orphan Annie.
New 23-10, 07:08
Yeah...I'm going to gather the family around the podcast and we're going to listen.
New 22-10, 18:58
After that last 3 games will this be family listening CAL?
New 22-10, 17:56
I was about to ask what happened to the podcast. lol
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