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New 20-10, 12:43
anyone going to the UTSA BestFest today on the main campus?
New 09-08, 13:59
Is it me or is the site still slow? When I try to reply with quote, it takes forever.
New 29-07, 15:08
'Bout time.
New 14-02, 19:12
Anyone hear about Dr. Romo? I wonder what's going on.
New 24-02, 21:55
When is the 2016 football schedule on the right side over there going to be updated. Tired of looking at our sorry ass 2015 record.
New 25-12, 07:31
Merry Christmas everyone.
New 26-11, 11:20
Happy Thanksgivig everyone.
New 23-11, 18:52
ask him to come be our special team coach.
New 17-03, 06:02
Happy St. Patty's Day!
New 11-09, 16:51
You forgot about Cajun
New 06-09, 08:04
I uploaded the ESPN Sports Center videos in the thread....'Bout done with #15
New 05-09, 00:11
Called us Ootsa. Or how ever you say it. Didn't say UTSA. Retards.
New 04-09, 23:59
UTSA made sports center top 10. De-cleater hit.
New 18-06, 12:49
anyone going downtown to the parade? Or just watching it on TV?
New 28-11, 05:24
Happy Thanksgiving to all
New 27-09, 13:04
I don't want to speak for Cal, but last home game he had a Rowdy Talk Banner hanging up. I'd sugguest looking for that.
New 07-09, 05:30
Headed to the Dome, see you'll there.
New 07-09, 04:28
Who's awake?
New 03-05, 23:35
Where's the mods? Can someone delete the spam threads for the cheap jerseys?