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New 29-09, 10:18
No kidding. I only made it through 3/4 of my aerobics class. Tailgating taking a toll on me. lol
New 29-07, 15:00
YES, GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New 30-05, 13:46
Parking Passes should have been allocated!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
New 07-11, 12:13
11am kickoff time for A&M. ughhhhh
New 07-09, 12:39
Heard Dr. Romo is retiring.
New 02-09, 21:34
Colorado St. is getting wiped out by Colorado
New 20-05, 16:19
Just got notice and confirmed that my Lot C passes were allocated. Keep an eye out.
New 05-01, 16:26
Just Announced. Lynn Hicky Press conference at 5:30pm. Ticket 760am
New 05-01, 13:25
New 17-10, 19:31
WTF. Run the clock out and restart at thte half.
New 22-09, 11:58
Any update on the gates opening at 11am on Saturday????
New 08-09, 15:40
Attendance: 51,111 for the Arizona game.
New 11-05, 10:27
FYI-Just got off the phone with Ticket Office on Parking Passes. Should be sending out notices next week so keep an eye out!!
New 25-12, 00:31
Merry Christmas my RowdyTalk friends. Have a blessed day!!
New 04-11, 09:43
Its Election Day. Don't forget to VOTE!!!!!!
New 03-09, 10:47
Anybody know of a Watch Party in Houston for the Arizona game?
New 01-09, 09:48
Anybody driving in Thursday a littel early for tailgating/game from Houston????
New 28-08, 13:32
I am all loaded up and headed to Houston. You all be safe on the roads and see you at the Tailgate!!
New 22-08, 12:34
New 22-08, 09:54
Call out to RT- Anyone have orange cones they can bring to the Houston tailgate for parking barrier? Please update site if you can.
New 18-08, 20:00
If you know you are bringing something to the Houston Tailgate, please update the thread. The clock is ticking and we are ready to Rock and Roll.
New 30-07, 14:45
UPDATED CONFIRMED ITEMS FOR TAILGATE-See bottom of thread and update if you are brining a specific item. Thanks
New 30-07, 10:29
New 29-07, 16:28
New 24-07, 15:56
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