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New 07-10, 10:56
UTSA Flag flying on ESPN game day!! Nice!!
New 03-09, 22:34
Texas College football is a dumpster fire right now!!! lets hope we don't add fuel to the fire next week! Fire Sumlin tonight!
New 09-11, 02:15
Beat it Hillary!!!
New 20-07, 09:53
when will we see the football schedule for this year!?! looking at last year's results is depressing!!!
New 22-03, 08:13
very true Ags should have lost that game
New 20-03, 22:59
WOW Texas A&M! WOW!
New 07-02, 22:26
New 07-02, 22:24
New 24-04, 23:16
Nice win Spurs! Seeing King Rey Feo made me home sick for fiesta! how was oyster bake!?
New 14-04, 22:05
ESiPN has also had their noses up the Longhorns asses for along time too! Hello Longhorn Network!
New 06-04, 22:36
Hell yes, Go Duke, One Shinning Moment!!!!!!
New 20-09, 14:37
WOW ODU just beat RICE!!!
New 28-08, 19:23
Johnny Football who?? WOW Kenny Hill looks great.
New 27-08, 21:57
anybody see Abilene Chrisiten almost bat GA ST, really should have won that game.
New 31-12, 22:55
What a fucking game!!! and my boy Nate Askew from Jame Madison with the final int!!!
New 30-12, 13:52
Middle Tenn plays dirty!
New 14-09, 21:49
nice start boys 3-0 UTSA!
New 12-09, 20:57
Tulane and La Tech in a tight one, 10-9 Tulane in the 3rd qtr
New 31-08, 22:06
fuck yes!!!! nice win Roadrunners!!!!!!!!!!!
New 31-08, 19:40
listening to it on the radio
New 31-08, 19:40
yeah could not get either of those links to work!
New 30-08, 23:01
My MAVS beat Steele! Nice job boys! And how about K-State losing to North Dakota St!
New 06-06, 22:42
fuck yeah! nice job Spurs!!
New 01-06, 17:02
New 01-06, 17:01
have a good rest of the weekend guys! later
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