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New 23-10, 08:45
I notice now.
New 22-10, 10:39
Anyone else notice that it says on the posted schedule on here that our game was @ Rice? Maybe we need to fix that when we put the score in there.
New 20-10, 13:45
I am. Taking my family.
New 20-10, 11:43
anyone going to the UTSA BestFest today on the main campus?
New 20-10, 08:39
New 19-10, 22:29
Don't forget about the basketball team meet & greet at the HEB Plaza, at the Alamodome, this Saturday at 3!
New 14-10, 17:14
Need a link
New 14-10, 17:14
Anyone watching online?
New 10-10, 12:36
Be on the lookout for game lines, point totals and prop bets coming tomorrow morning to vBookie.
New 07-10, 09:56
UTSA Flag flying on ESPN game day!! Nice!!
New 29-09, 23:10
I need to watch tv. DVR is reaching capacity. Football season.
New 29-09, 09:18
No kidding. I only made it through 3/4 of my aerobics class. Tailgating taking a toll on me. lol
New 29-09, 06:17
Bye week came at a good time for the fans. We've faned hard and need to recuperiate.
New 15-09, 21:54
Thanks RoadRummer
New 15-09, 09:54
New 15-09, 09:31
I was at the ticket office picking up my parking passes and Andy (who helped me) said they're still working on refunds. Should get them in the next week or two.
New 15-09, 09:30
Sturm and Rowdy Talk AAAAALMOST share a birthday.
New 15-09, 08:02
Agreed, TGIF and I'm working from home and I'm not super busy.
New 15-09, 08:02
New 15-09, 06:46
I'm bringing one person who has never been to a UTSA game before!!
New 15-09, 06:46
No refund yet for me either
New 15-09, 06:46
Home opener eve and TGIF
New 15-09, 06:12
I haven't been refunded yet.
New 14-09, 13:50
Has everyone been refunded for the coog game?
New 13-09, 05:35
Good to know.
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